My problem seems to be that 8.10 identifies the router(Livebox-E398)and asks for the WPA password.When I try to type it in it is not saved.Instead two or three other 64 figure passwords are displaplaid.The one I have is only 26 digits long.Have tried upper and lower case but niether is accepted.The adater is;-Ralink Turbo RT2561/RT61 PCI(802.11g.Authentication WPA PSK.The CD which came with the card has a Linux drive on it ut I could not get into 8.10.This is installed on an 80 Gig SATA Westerb Digital.On the 80 Gig Maxtor IDE drive runs XP Pro.That drive runs my net connection,with Google-Firefox.It takes about 30 secs.from start-up to 'aquire IP address'.Could this be part of the problem????Thanks for any help.