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Thanks for the program but i need some further help.

managed to get the gui installed and it looks like it says it should in this thread. when i finally got it to recognize the acerhk.ko file the card started to recognize wireless signals but had trouble connecting to a signal. then it stopped working -- led stopped - no wireless signals evident, etc -- don't know what changed or happened but the gui doesn't seem to make any difference to the wireless button anymore.

do you have any suggestions?
A few things will happen with this program and Ubuntu since ubuntu dropped the acerhk.ko driver from the kernel updates. That makes it a little bit of a hassle every time the kernel gets updated.

Are you being asked to install the driver again?

What version of Ubuntu are you running?

Some computers have a hardware switch that will physically turn on and off the wifi. Perhaps you did that? The program won't work if the hardware is physically turned off. (for me, I don't have that ability, it is software controled for my bluetooth).

When you click the preferences tab, what does it tell you in the driver information tab?

Do you get any messages that ti can't find the driver on starting the program?

Will do what I can to help you out with this.