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Thread: AcerHK GUI -- GUI for users of the 'acerhk' driver to control wireless/bluetooth

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    AcerHK GUI -- GUI for users of the 'acerhk' driver to control wireless/bluetooth

    ATTN: if you are looking for an appindicator for ubuntu that will give the basic functionality (on/off) as well as other things, check out the Displex project at

    New Release -- v. 0.7.2
    Version 0.7.2 is BETA. OK. If you are an ACERHK user, this package is a huge step forward. The package SHOULD build the driver from source now _successfully_. The source code is included in the /usr/share/acerhkgui for the acerhk driver. PLEASE provide feedback... especially if it works for you. I have tried to test it as best as possible, to include removing the compiled driver and re-running, installing in various kernels that have been pushed, etc...

    a. run 'acerhkgui' from a command prompt and see if that works. It will have much more messages.
    b. run 'sudo /usr/share/acerhkgui/' from the command prompt.

    Debian Package: AcerHK GUI 0.7.2 (beta)

    RPM Package: Not released. Use Alien to create from deb. (what I do).


    If the link doesn't work above, go to the project page at SourceForge

    [end of new release info]

    Please see last post of mine for latest information on the AcerhkGui
    If you don't need the acerhk driver installed (ie: using ubuntu before 9.10) or are using a 64-bit version of Linux, use AcerHK Gui 0.6 for present time -- thanks.

    I have written a GUI interface to use in Linx to access and control the acerhk driver.

    To me, this has been very helpful for the following reasons:
    a. Sometimes I want my wireless/Bluetooth radio off (IE: Plane)
    b. Bluetooth is not enabled by default on my ubuntu and there was no obvious way to enable it.
    c. I don't want Bluetooth on unless I am using it -- Rarely
    d. My buttones -- if they worked correctly on my computer with the acerhk driver -- aren't accessible when I am in tablet mode -- this gives a means to access both radio controls.

    The acerhk driver is used primarily by older computers (Acers and other -- not limited to just acers. See: for a list of laptops and what drivers they use).

    There are packages available on in .deb, .rpm, and .zip formats. I recommend the .deb as it is easier to install and includes an application launcher that goes to the Applications | System menu.

    I would like to note that even though it will activate the hardware, the wireless LED will not light up unless you modify the /etc/modprobe.d/options file and change
    options ipw2200 associate=0
    options ipw2200 associate=0 led=1
    My project is hosted at

    I am looking for feedback on the functionality of both the program and the .deb file, so, if you are a user of the acerhk driver, I ask that you download my file and give it a whirl and send me some feedback.

    Mine is an Acer Travelmate C300 Tablet with wifi and bluetooth in it. Newer Acers are using different drivers to control their hardware; however, like me, I am sure there are others that use this driver.

    A couple of years ago, through research (love Google!), I found out how to activate my bluetooth through the command line:

    echo "on" > /proc/driver/acerhk/blueled
    Honestly, that is quite a pain. I know there are those that have written scripts to automate this task and attached those scripts to the hot keys. But, for me, the acerhk driver doesn't seam to match my keys to the correct actions.

    As I have been fascinated with wanting to learn to program and was thinking that Python was a good place to start, I started this as a Project to augment my learning. It is always best to learn by doing. It is a work in progress and I do hope to continue to expand its features for a bit as I learn more about the wonderful language Python.

    I used python-wxglade to design the interface, inkscape for icon creation, and gedit for editing the files.

    I look forward to the feedback from the wonderful Ubuntu and Open Source community!
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