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Thread: only the ubuntu forum can help my vista streaming problems!

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    only the ubuntu forum can help my vista streaming problems!

    It feels strange posting this question here, because it barely involves Ubuntu, but I really don't understand Windows at all, and 45 minutes of searching the internet yielded a bunch of truly useless results. This is the only forum I know of where informed users are able to solve problems reliably!

    My girlfriend has a rather new HP Pavilion, 64-bit Athlon, Windows Vista 6.0 SP 1. We have DSL and right now shows 375 kb/s download speed. She connects wirelessly to our Linksys router with a Broadcom 802.11-based card. I have a MacBook (non-pro) which I dual-boot with Ubuntu 8.10 and OS X.

    The problem is that her computer loads streaming video, e.g. from youtube,, hulu, etc., very slowly. For short videos, maybe 2-5 minutes, typically she can let it buffer for 30 seconds or a minute and then watch without interruption. Longer videos become quite a headache. The speed difference between her computer and mine -- no matter which OS I'm using -- is very noticeable. No difference between Firefox and IE for her. Video loads quite quickly when we connect her computer to the router by ethernet cable, but that isn't convenient most of the time.

    I've increased the local storage flashplayer can use to unlimited, but to no avail. I'm not very expert at computers, and as I said I REALLY don't get Windows. I'd very much like to fix this problem for her so she stops using my computer to watch tv shows!

    Thank you, wise sages of Ubuntu! Please tell me that even under Vista, one can do things properly.

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    Re: only the ubuntu forum can help my vista streaming problems!

    You can try this:

    ...but it sounds like you're already there....

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    Re: only the ubuntu forum can help my vista streaming problems!

    Sounds like a bottleneck in the wireless connection since it doesn't occur when you're wired. Doesn't matter if you give flash player unlimited space, if she's viewing the video faster then it's downloading then you'll have this problem. Could be lots of things slowing you up though. First I'd check the obvious things like wireless card drivers and stuff like that. Second, is there any radio interferance in the area? An obvious source of intererance is another WiFi computer/router transmitting on the same channel. Does your computer (which has fine speeds according to you) connect wirelessly? If so what happens if you turn off your computer completely? Even if she is the only computer using your access point are there other access points visible? If so try changing the channel. Also even if you don't have any other WiFi signals visible remember that WiFi uses spectrum shared with *lots* of other devices and conflicting radio signals with them will slow things up.
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