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Thread: Toshiba laptop fan runs constantly

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    Re: Toshiba laptop fan runs constantly

    Quote Originally Posted by JoaoMachado View Post
    It's not Toshiba, my HP G60 with Intel Core2 is doing the same thing. I have narrowed the problem to the coretemp module, actually the moduled loads just fine but there is no reference to in to the /etc/sensors3.conf file...I can't find anything on why that is?
    Yep, when I check my message logs, it says something like "coretemp module loaded, no driver found" for every time I boot (been a while since i looked, but its something like that).

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    Exclamation Re: Toshiba laptop fan runs constantly

    Have we come up with any fix for this?

    Just (re)installed Lucid on my Toshiba Tecra S10. The fan goes constantly full out and the machine runs HOT!!!

    Tried installing the sensor applet (don't have exact package names in front of me) and told me core temp was 104 degrees C. Yikes!!!

    Dual booting into XP (where I type this from) the fan is blissfully quiet and the core temp is a comfortable 54 degrees. (Cpu 0: 45, Cpu 1: 46) What a difference!

    This just isn't usable as is. Might get brave and try a previous release of Ubuntu and see if issue is still there. Suspect it will be.

    EDIT: Adding the line acpi_osi="Linux" at boot solved the issue for me. Now running at about 50 C idle.
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