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Thread: help with columns - lyx?

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    help with columns - lyx?

    My wife needs the following: a two column display where each column contains a different document, on the left an original and on the right a column of comments. Either or both documents will need spaces in its repective column, so that the original is properly 'tied' to the comment. Sometimes comment is longer than the original, and sometimes it's shorter.

    I think lyx is probably the way forward, but have no experience. Grateful for input and help. Or other suggestions.
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    Re: help with columns - lyx?

    I guess you can modify the layout file changing 1 by 2 columns.

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    Re: help with columns - lyx?

    Try setting a large right margin and using margin notes for the comments. I'm not sure if this will do what you want, but it seems like the best option.

    If that doesn't work, I think you'll either have to find a LaTeX class meant for this, or mess with boxes.

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