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Thread: What does windows OS use??

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    Smile Re: What does windows OS use??

    Handy, you made me laugh XD
    Be glad you're a duck, lol.

    So a kernel is part of an OS.
    Holy COW !!
    there are so many different systems you named! I feel like I have been living in the dark. Wow O.o

    Thanks Mason Whitaker for trying to make it more understandable for me.

    I'm gonna read into this so called POSIX standard. Interesting.

    Sad to say I stopped reading at page 4, it turned into uncertainties when reading all those different statements but nonetheless I am grateful for all your responses.

    One thing I noted was how much all of you referenced wikipedia for information. I was not sure if I could trust wikipedia but it seems it is not as outdated as I thought in the computer related department.

    Thank You ~

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    Re: What does windows OS use??

    Is Windows 7 a microkernel? I always thought of the NT Kernel as more of a mix (slightly more monolithic than micro). If Windows 7 is a microkernel, are they saying it is completely Micro or just more Micro than Monolithic?

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