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Thread: Can't install driver sk98lin for NIC (Marvell 88E8001)

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    Can't install driver sk98lin for NIC (Marvell 88E8001)

    The WOL function of my NIC doesn't work in Ubuntu, for this reason I want to install the driver from Marvell. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to do this.
    According to Ubuntu this NIC is in the PC:
    jjr@jjr-desktop:~$ lspci | grep -i -e ethernet -e network
    02:15.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8001 Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 13)
    At I downloaded this driver:

    Driver name: Linux Driver Install Package
    Platform: Linux Kernel 2.4.20 and Higher
    Date: 11/3/08

    When I try to run the installscript there's an error:

    jjr@jjr-desktop:~$ cd Desktop
    jjr@jjr-desktop:~/Desktop$ cd DriverInstall
    jjr@jjr-desktop:~/Desktop/DriverInstall$ ./
    ./functions: 44: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
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    Re: Can't install driver sk98lin for NIC (Marvell 88E8001)

    On these forums I found that the script contains an error.
    The first line #!/bin/sh has to be changed into: #!/bin/bash.

    I can now run the installation-script:
    root@jjr-desktop:/home/jjr/Bureaublad/DriverInstall# ./
    Created a symbolic link to the kernel-source:
    jjr@jjr-desktop:/usr/src$ sudo -i
    root@jjr-desktop:~# cd /usr/src
    root@jjr-desktop:/usr/src# ln -s linux-headers-2.6.27-11 linux
    Installation script succesfully completed! (a kernel patch has been created)

    The readme-file said to type this in order to apply the generated patch into the kernel:
    cat /home/jjr/Desktop/DriverInstall/sk98lin_v10.70.2.3_2.6.27_patch | patch -p1
    Installed some stuff:
    apt-get install kernel-package libncurses5-dev fakeroot wget bzip2
    Now I have to reconfigure the kernel. So I typed this:
    root@jjr-desktop:/usr/src/linux# make menuconfig
    scripts/kconfig/mconf arch/x86/Kconfig
    file drivers/net/arcnet/Kconfig already scanned?
    make[1]: *** [menuconfig] Error 1
    make: *** [menuconfig] Error 2
    How can I get past this last error?
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    Re: Can't install driver sk98lin for NIC (Marvell 88E8001)

    The patch generate a corrupt file Kconfig present in drivers/net

    To bypass this, grab a copy of the original Kconfig in the archive of source code of kernel and insert the following line coming from the sk98lin/misc/Kconfig

    config SK98LIN
    	tristate "Marvell Yukon Chipset / SysKonnect SK-98xx Support"
    	depends on PCI
    	  Say Y here if you have a Marvell Yukon or SysKonnect SK-98xx/SK-95xx
    	  compliant Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.
    	  The adapters support Jumbo Frames.
    	  The dual link adapters support link-failover and dual port features.
    	  Both Marvell Yukon and SysKonnect SK-98xx/SK-95xx adapters support 
    	  the scatter-gather functionality with sendfile(). Please refer to 
    	  Documentation/networking/sk98lin.txt for more information about
    	  optional driver parameters.
    	  Questions concerning this driver may be addressed to:
    	  If you want to compile this driver as a module ( = code which can be
    	  inserted in and removed from the running kernel whenever you want),
    	  say M here and read Documentation/modules.txt. This is recommended.
    	  The module will be called sk98lin. This is recommended.
    config SK98LIN_NAPI
    	bool "Use Rx polling (NAPI)"
    	depends on SK98LIN
    	  NAPI is a new driver API designed to reduce CPU and interrupt load
    	  when the driver is receiving lots of packets from the card.
    You could insert these lines before the declaration
    config SKGE
    	tristate "New SysKonnect GigaEthernet support"
    	depends on PCI
    	select CRC32
    in the original Kconfig file (beware of the separating blanks lines)

    Put the modified Kconfig in place of patched one in /usr/src/linux/drivers/net

    The error should disapear.

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    Re: Can't install driver sk98lin for NIC (Marvell 88E8001)

    One more things to do is to patch the Makefile in /usr/src/linux/drivers/net

    obj-$(CONFIG_TC35815) += tc35815.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_SKGE) += skge.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_SKY2) += sky2.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_SKFP) += skfp/
    obj-$(CONFIG_VIA_RHINE) += via-rhine.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_VIA_VELOCITY) += via-velocity.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_ADAPTEC_STARFIRE) += starfire.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_RIONET) += rionet.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_SH_ETH) += sh_eth.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_SK98LIN) += sk98lin/
    # end link order section

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    Re: Can't install driver sk98lin for NIC (Marvell 88E8001)


    I'm very interested in switching from the skge driver to the sk98lin in the hope that i am able to WOL from a suspended state.

    Did you manage to install the driver eventually, and if so would it be possible for you to describe all of the steps required to install it?

    I attempted to run the install script in the installation mode, however it asked me to compile the kernel as modpost was missing, and I'm a little wary of doing so. I see the Ubuntu guide to compiling the kernel mentions copying the existing kernel config file before compiling, along with some other steps not mentioned in the install scripts message.

    Thanks for you help,

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    Re: Can't install driver sk98lin for NIC (Marvell 88E8001)

    I have the same problem can you please help me.What do you mean by:
    "grab a copy of the original Kconfig in the archive of source code of kernel..."

    How and where do we find this file.

    Thank you

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    Re: Can't install driver sk98lin for NIC (Marvell 88E8001)

    I just finished packaging the latest sk98lin driver (from August 2011) for Ubuntu Natty. You can find my announcement post here:


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