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Thread: KDE4 Phonon and PulseAudio

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    Re: KDE4 Phonon and PulseAudio

    Mark, with regards to Lucid, I installed Ubuntu first. Then I configured pulse under Gnome. THEN I installed KDE desktop. Pulse works just peachy!!! I've hated pulse since the days when Fedora first added it. Then pulse blew up my favorite space games. NO!!!!

    But, I figured that since it was looking like it wasn't going away, I ditched installing Kubuntu and installed Ubuntu instead, later adding KDE4 desktop. Works like a charm!!! I am impressed. Ric

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    Re: KDE4 Phonon and PulseAudio

    If i get it right:

    Skype works* with ubuntu + kubuntu dekstop packages installed (using KDE4)

    Skype doesn't work* with Kubuntu ?

    * means, there is no audio capture

    Maybe in Kubuntu docs or howto there should be official article, what to do to get Skype working?

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