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Thread: What happened to MythWeather?

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    What happened to MythWeather?

    I've got a front/backend that I installed on 7.04 that works great. From what I remember at that time I just put in my zip code and all the various screens came up fine with my town's name.

    I just did an install on 8.10 and MythWeather seems to have changed quite a bit. I selected the screens and searched for my location, but none of the screens have my town anymore. I had to select other (usually) nearby cities/areas. Why did this happen? Also, on some of the screens I selected one location in the setup and when I go to use it a completely different location comes up. WTD?

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    Re: What happened to MythWeather?

    Mythweather went through major changes in mythtv .21

    This thread may help you get it setup.
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