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Thread: Best best genealogy printing software ?

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    Best best genealogy printing software ?

    What is the best genealogy software in terms of tree printing quality?
    I need to print simple genealogy trees. I dont care about complex data bases or research - simply printing nice trees for schooling projects.

    What software (or combination) will give me the best results?

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    Re: Best best genealogy printing software ?

    I can't recommend any specific geneology software myself, as I've never used any, but here's a site that reviews such software. The only Linux application actually reviewed on that site is GRAMPS (which is the one I've seen mentioned the most on this forum), but it has 22 other apps listed with links to the project website. (And while the OS listed for them is Unix, I think most of them provide source code, so even if they don't provide a deb you can still install the software.)

    I'd suggest looking at a few of these project sites and see if they have screenshots. GRAMPS, for example, has several different ways of showing geneologies, and has a screenshot of each on its site. Also, if you do plan on continuing to use such software, you probably want to select one that supports GEDCOM, which makes it easy to import and export geneology data.

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    Re: Best best genealogy printing software ?

    I installed and played with GRAMPS.
    It's quite poor in terms of family tree layout capabilities.

    FTM is much better, also poor with such capabilities as well.

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