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Thread: emusic download manager on ubuntu

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    emusic download manager on ubuntu

    Once you download the emusic download manager for linux from and use your archive manager to untar it, you will see a file builds and in it a fil emusicdlm and in it an aplication, emusicdlm. All you have to do is click on emusicdlm and it will work. You can move the folder emusicdlm wherever you want it, but you must manually create a menu entry. You must run emusicdlm BEFORE you attempt to download from (open and emx file through Firefox by browsing for emusicdlm--for some reason Firefox will not start the program). Then everything will work just fine.

    emusicj, is a java-based emusic download manager that can be found here:
    It installs the same way, just untar the file and it works. But Firefox can open it directly if you direct it to emusicj when it asks you what application you want to use to open the emx files from emusic.
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