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    Tracker Maintenance Team

    hello all,
    at the last meeting, (of which you can see the log at It was decided to start up a "tracker maintenance team." Basically, i am looking for volunteer coders, to help maintain the team tracker, tracker plugins etc. The tracker is written in php, however, i need more than just php coders, we will be getting a 5-a-day type applet for the team also, along with other things, so if you can code - any language - send me a pm on the forums, volunteering to join!

    If you would like to just drop on by first, to see what it is all about, or to see if you can help, come join us in ##ua-tracker-maintenance on -- If you need help getting onto IRC, just let me know -- alternatively, you could start a new thread here about it, but IRC is the preferred method.

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