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Thread: what can osx do that ubuntu can't?

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    Re: what can osx do that ubuntu can't?

    I think allot of people are looking at this problem from totally the wrong angle.

    Linux based distributions (such as ubuntu, arch, fedora ect) do not aim at the same market as apple users, the problem with them is that they are 'geek centric' and are not designed to be a complete system yes you can have alternatives to most of the OSX apps but can you just simply download them and drag them to the apps folder? Do they have all the features of the commercial ( or even open source ) mac applications?

    Is ok for people who are experienced Linux users to say that they can have the same features as the OSX system and its applications but not without allot of hustle that home users / business users just don’t want.

    You may also say that you have more choice in a Linux system ( and indeed you do ) however choice is in fact an illusion because an average user is not going to sit down and compile different browsers and test them for days to find out which is best for them, they just want a secure browser ( that is not **** like internet explorer).

    And to be quite frank I think it is elitist for people to say that you should not get osx because you have to have a mac that costs xxx money and you can get the same with a generic laptop with Linux ditro yyyy on it, not everyone is able or willing to spend that much time configuring an messing around with a system, because don’t tell me you can simply put a cd into a laptop and have anywhere near anything as rock solid easy to use and well supported as osx because it would simply not be true .

    Don’t get me wrong Linux distributions have there place I run kubuntu with kde 4.2 on my main desktop pc and I love it its an amazing system but it took a hell of a lot of messing around to get it how I like it now I enjoy doing this its a hobby and my field of study/work but its just not really an option for the average user, although there are a few systems ( such as the custom xandros system on the eee pc) that do work out of the box and do allot people to just get up and go ( apart form the file manager that is just vvv bad ).
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    Re: what can osx do that ubuntu can't?

    I have an iMac, that dual boots a small OSX partition & the rest of the HDD is set up for Arch. (Not Ubuntu, so I'm beyond the OP question to start with.)

    Arch is my preferred software to interface with the iMac hardware, for many personal reasons, not the least of them being practical reasons.

    Personal choice is like that.

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