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Thread: Any info about Line6 fileformat l6t?

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    Any info about Line6 fileformat l6t?

    I found a thread from 2006 in here, talking about the file format *.l6t of the Line 6 Edit Software. ( Please can anyone inside help me with some infos about this scary format? I try to update the old software "Tone Control" with some additional infos, but can't find anything about the internal structure of this format.

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    Re: Any info about Line6 fileformat l6t?

    First and foremost, your link is dead, and points to a different domain than this, so I don't see how a .pdf upload link could be confused with a thread. But that's beside the point.

    I was able to find this info:

    which pointed in the end to here:

    It looks like development is ongoing, so support is unofficial but on its way...
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