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Thread: Bazaar (bzr): remember passwords?

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    Bazaar (bzr): remember passwords?


    Atm, I have a svn repository account at Unfuddle, but I would like to transfer this to Bazaar, as I think Bazaar doesn't mess up the whole tree with .svn maps.

    Bazaar works on just an ordinary webhosting account; I have one with SSH/SFTP/FTP access, but it does not support public/private key authentication. I've asked them and they said they do not want to boost SSH use, as it is a 'extra service'.

    However, this means if I use Bazaar, I have to type my password each time if I want to commit something to the central server. Is it possible to make Bazaar remember my password for SSH, SFTP or FTP? For me, this issue is a showstopper for migrating to Bazaar.

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    Re: Bazaar (bzr): remember passwords?

    I would like to know that, too.

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