I am sorry, I don't know what the problem is. But the first thing that comes to mind is your distro.

Please don't compare Windows, investing billions of dollars into a hassle free user experience, with Ubuntu, volunteers and charity.

Remember you're running Ubuntu, one of the most cutting edge unstable desktop distributions. And you're not even running LTS, you're running the in-between releases which can be considered bleeding edge beta at best. 11.04 is rubbish. Much complaints over media related applications. I've seen VLC (media player) break in this installation and there have been reported driver issues.

Fixing issues goes in this order, I think you missed step 2.

1) You can do it yourself
2) You need to stick to LTS
3) Ask for help
4) Change distro

Just my 4 cents, based on all the troubles I've seen with 11.04. Remember, it took me 3 lines of terminal code (earlier in this thread) to get this working without the need for extra command line options or whatever, in 10.04 LTS.