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Thread: Open Office 3 aqua vs. NeoOffice

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    Open Office 3 aqua vs. NeoOffice

    Like the title says, has anyone here got experience how OOo 3 aqua compares to NeoOffice under OS X? Reason I'm asking is because I maintain some OS X systems and am looking into replacing the NeoOffice installs with OOo3. But I don't know if that is stil buggy, because it is brand new.

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    Re: Open Office 3 aqua vs. NeoOffice

    NeoOffice 3 EA2 is still development, so it's buggy. OO.o is finally supporting Aqua widgets, and it's stable. Thing is, though, I find NeoOffice to be a bit more Mac like, and it also has enhancements from go-oo.

    So, if you're going for stable, use OO.o, but if you want a bit more Mac like with some improvements, then go for NeoOffice.

    Me, I like NeoOffice a bit more. That's my two cents.

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    Re: Open Office 3 aqua vs. NeoOffice

    Open Office 3 is the best.

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    Re: Open Office 3 aqua vs. NeoOffice

    I've seen stills of OO.o 3, and they're ok, I suppose, but then I'm not too keen on NeoOffice's appearance. It's fairly clean, it's functional, and it's nothing more than that.

    Obviously it's not as fancy as, say, iWork, but then again it's not trying to pretend it's like iWork.
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    Re: Open Office 3 aqua vs. NeoOffice

    For Office suites for the Mac my list in order of preference is

    Open Office 3
    Iwork 09
    Lotus Symphony
    MS Office
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