I had just spent a long time getting my system working as desired, then I made the mistake of upgrading to Intrepid so I could take advantage of some software I really wanted in the repositories.

Here are my complaints for anyone who cares to read. Most of these would be in the realm of what MSfanboi and crew would call deal breakers and my intention is not to start the nuclear war that usually happens when someone reminds the emperor he has no clothes.

Why cant the state of things such as pulse audio, evolution, sendmail, mouse buttons, etc. be remembered.


1) I spent quite a long time physically and with much brute force removing evolution only to have upgrade turn it all back on again, and now it is again taking up memory and cpu resources.

2) Pulse audio breaks my sound card and again I found a good solution and implemented it only to have upgrade hand me back the stuttering misfit underwater duck call I spent so much time getting rid of.

3) ~20 packages I removed originally were all put back for me to remove again.

4) sendmail refused to work as the wrong directories were world writable again though I do appreciate the upgrader taking care of the rest of my mail system just fine

etc... not going to go into more detail you get the point I am trying to make.

If Linux is all about choice and sweetness and joy why on earth is it so darned difficult to add a simple service pack (the changes between 8.04 and 8.10 are basically just that, nothing major like the difference between 7x and 8x or XP and Vista)?

And no I did not go looking for my windows install disk, am not going to look for my disk, and really dislike MS even still, just venting my spleen about things that should make sense to smart people