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Yes, and that means a /boot of ext3 with an LVM of 2 LV's for / and swap.
Mostly for newbies and mostly for expose ext4 more without the newbie knowing anything. Because it is Fedora. And the default install is not really a serious layout or upgrade path.

But the custom install dropdownbox on the installer allows whatever. Supposable even BTRFS will be in the F11 Alpha installer.

But when one is talking about converting ext3 to ext4, it depends on what (Kernel, e2fsprogs) and when (kernel 28.n newest e2fsprogs), and how(tunefs, debugfs options) you convert it.

You dont need a /boot of Ext3. Grub boots Ext4!
There are a bunch of us using Ext4 since it came to Jaunty and everything works fine.

If Jaunty has Kernel 2.6.29 it will also have Btrfs support possibly in the installer too.

Ext4 is NOW in Jaunty's installer. No need to convert.