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Thread: NDISwrapper, YUM and Red Hat Linux 9....

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    NDISwrapper, YUM and Red Hat Linux 9....

    Hi all,
    I was checking for a fast linux distro to use on my 256MB RAM, 1GHz Pentium 3 computer and I unearthed a Red Hat 9 CD in my basement. Believe it or not, I decided to install it (RHL 9 was obsoleted in 2003) . The only issue I have is installing ndiswrapper. Are there precompiled binaries for NDISwrapper in RHL 9? Also, is it possible to install YUM in RHL 9? Thanks for your help...

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    Re: NDISwrapper, YUM and Red Hat Linux 9....

    Red Hat 9 shipped with a 2.4 series kernel. I'm 99% sure that ndiswrapper needs a 2.6 series kernel. You could try to compile a new kernel yourself, but I would imagine this would be a non-trivial process. I wouldn't hold my breath on Yum either. It is designed for a new version of rpm, so I'm not sure it would work with the old version.
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