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Thread: SD Card corruption, dd, and .IMG File

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    Talking SD Card corruption, dd, and .IMG File

    My SD card somehow got corrupted. I used the "dd" command to make an .img file and used "recoverjpeg" to recover missing jpeg files. I would still like to recover my missing RAW files however and have been having some difficulties.

    I have tried using "mount" to mount the IMG and I tried converting the IMG to ISO using a program called "iat". I am still at a loss however even after searching Google for the last hour.

    Any help would be *greatly* appreciated! Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: SD Card corruption, dd, and .IMG File

    Have you tried using the command
    sudo mount -o loop FILE.img /mnt
    to mount FILE.img?

    You will find this command, and further commands to try to recover files here:

    This page explains how to use Foremost, Scalpel, Magic Rescue, Photorec, and recoverjpeg.

    It's wise that you made a copy with dd. You could in theory try each of these recovery tools.

    Best of luck! Let us know how it goes...
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    Re: SD Card corruption, dd, and .IMG File

    I used a couple of the programs mentioned in that documentationon on the IMG file and was able to recover almost all the files. Thank you.

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