Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong forum.

Secondly, I'm a software developer by trade however my knowledge of today's hardware is sorely lacking. I want to purchase a new machine and have seen the following item on ebay. Would some knowledgeable soul be kind enough to advise if this is a good deal?


I will use the machine for the following:-

- Dual boot Gutsy/XP
- Software development eg. Java with Eclipse
- Gaming (eg. newer games like Fallout 3) either via wine or XP
- General web browsing

I won't be using the machine for watching any movies, ripping DVDs etc.

Is the AMD Dual Core 6000+ any good? Will I have problems installing Ubuntu on this hardware? And what about the nVidia 9400GT Graphics Card? Would that cope with the newer games for the next couple of years?

Sound card and screen are not an issue as I have these already.

I realise that all of this information is more than likely available online however if anyone can offer a few quick answers or opinions that would be greatly appreciated.

PS. The item on ebay is in Australian Dollars. The cost in USD is approximately $515.00.

Thank you.