In the meantime, I've been upgrading to the Jaunty Beta. Works well. I'm still hoping that you'll get a chance to finish a script to get the midi working with the UA-4FX ( I just got another MIDI controller ( an Axiom-25) and use the UA as primary midi input). I've pretty much given up on any support for the MOTU-microlite with Ubuntu. Jaunty does support it for audio without workarounds as much as I can tell so far and looks good, but I'm just starting to play with it today. If not, I'll re-read and try to recreate method in this thread. I did see several new threads on the UA and Ubuntu Studio today however and will be looking through them this week. I haven't played with Ardour too much either, but my understanding is that its like a Audacity on steroids ( kind of like Acid/FLS in WinDoze ). Apparently, several folks have been having good success running various VST instruments through Wine as well, but I haven't gotten that far in Ubuntu. Audio first ( appears done ), Midi next ( working on it ), then the VST's and maybe some Win programs depending how well Ubuntu is working today. In the long run, it will probably all be Ubuntu but that's a while from now.