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Thread: Computer Forensics ONE

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    Computer Forensics ONE

    College course at Bucks Community on edge of being cancelled due to low enrollment. One day left for late enrollments. Tues 1/20/09 Tuition fees etc < $600 3 credit course. The developer of the course gave presentation on the topic at Philadelphia Area Computer Society last Sat 01/17/09 It was well received. This has lots of reading and demands student complete work ON TIME. All tests are cumulative from beginning.

    I have registered and don't want it cancelled.

    Tues / Thurs 1:30-2:45
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    Talking Re: Computer Forensics ONE

    thats still the problem with CF courses.. it's still not as wide-spread as some other majors.. Luckily, there were enough incoming freshies when I was in school, that we didn't have low enrollment problems. Although, the other seniors and myself were enough that we were teetering on the line of not enough people. we managed.

    Good luck with your computer forensics path! It's a fun path to follow!
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    Arrow Re: Computer Forensics ONE

    Now that I have gotten into the course past the mid-term, things are getting more interesting.

    NOTE: one tool, called helix3 was 'open' and as of 31Mar gone to subscription. It is a liveCD linux boot. It uses dd command to image a hard drive to a copy to be analyzed. It has a lot of included 'open' tools to aid in rapid discovery of whatever the forensic investigator is looking for. i.e. bad pictures, financial data from spreadsheet or what ever, or anything else critical to the investigative hunt.

    Seeing that it is only $15 monthly, that is way less expensive than other approved investigative tools.

    I snagged an iso of helix3 just before it went subscription.

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    Re: Computer Forensics ONE

    "Because of this a community version is being developed and is scheduled for release in April 2009. HelixCE Community forum is available at"

    A community Edition has started; hopefully it will take off and keep this valuable resource going!
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    Re: Computer Forensics ONE

    Thank you for your support. HelixCE beta RC1 was released today.

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    Re: Computer Forensics ONE


    I am getting a 500 Internal server error when I try to get to the HelixCE Community forum.

    As I am always looking for Computer Forensics Training I hope the problem will be solved soon.


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