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Thread: Dual Booting 8.10 and 8.04

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    Re: Dual Booting 8.10 and 8.04

    I always use the manual installation method. You have complete control that way.

    As a side note, just before final install, click on advanced options and uncheck the box for installing GRUB. Otherwise, you will overwrite your existing GRUB. Sometimes that is not a problem and the new GRUB will find your other operating systems and install them. But I have had it to create problems before. I prefer to keep the existing GRUB and add the new installation to the existing menu.lst file.
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    Re: Dual Booting 8.10 and 8.04

    Quote Originally Posted by UltraAnders View Post
    [*] Manual
    • Again, great, except the "After" shows 100% HDD allocated to 8.10
    so you mean to say that you cannot manually specify it to format just the unallocated space as ext3 logical partition at mountpoint '/'?

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    Re: Dual Booting 8.10 and 8.04

    Quote Originally Posted by kansasnoob View Post
    Absolutely! Look:

    Attachment 100301

    I have Win XP multi-booted with Ubuntu 8.04.1, Ubuntu 8.10, and Linux Mint 6. All three Linux OS's share the same SWAP.

    Just do not reformat the SWAP or you'll end up with a UUID problem. But even if you do end up with a UUID problem it's fast and simple to fix! (You'll know you have a UUID problem if Usplash quits and is replaced by a long line of boot-text!)
    Why in the world do you have the same distro installed three times? I just hope that, at least, you have a shared home partition XD

    The problems with UUID are easily fix by just using the device name instead.


    Quote Originally Posted by UltraAnders View Post
    So I pretty much fell at the first hurdle. My partitions are setup as I want them. However none of the options presented allow me to actually select the 20GB partition I had created. So, I delete the empty partition I created, in the hope that Ubuntu would decide to offer to create a partition in this space.

    Now I have 4 options:
    • Guided - resize SCSI3 (0,0,0), partition #7 (sda) and use free space
      • This appears to resize my largest partition, then use the space to install Ubuntu. It still leaves the 20GB free!
    • Guided - use entire disk
      • No thanks!
    • Guided - use the largest continous free space
      • This is the option I want. However, the "After" shot shows 100% of the HDD allocated to 8.10, hmm.
    • Manual
      • Again, great, except the "After" shows 100% HDD allocated to 8.10

    I'm too scared to go beyond this point with either options 3 or 4, because first time I installed Ubuntu I managed to delete all my partitions by doing just one click too many!
    Just use Manual (clicking next doesn't do anything, it's just take you to the partitioner tool), make a space wherever you want and format it. I would recommend you to use a shared home folder, but if you don't want to mess like that, just make space for 8.10 as I said and set it's mount point as "/", next, next, finish.

    Advantages of separated home partition:

    • No more pain, you won't have to worry about losing data when you install a new version of Ubuntu ever again, or any other distro.
    • You won't lose your personal settings
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    Re: Dual Booting 8.10 and 8.04

    Ah thanks, so I'm just being over cautious (stupid) Showing the "After" with 100% of HDD allocated to 8.10 is misleading.

    8.04's home directory is stored on the largest partition, as will 8.10's.

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