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a swap_offset utility was mentioned
proper spelling is swap-offset
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Then I made an 07_hibernation file in /etc/grub.d/ out of the 40_custom file already given there.
I picked 07, so I have this on top and selected in grub during boot time and I wouldn' t have to change the grub file in /etc/default/ also.
it's much better to adjust /etc/default/grub by changing GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="splash resume=UUID==3f729a36-0b10-447c-83cf-d41deadbeef6 resume_offset=666" where UUID is appropriate id for partition where your swapfile is located and resume_offset is value returned by swap-offset. This way only "normal" and not "recovery" entries of grub menu will be affected. Also it's easier to edit by users and error-prone because that's less text to enter Don't forget to run sudo update-grub after this. Note: you have to reboot to use suspend-to-disk after this because that's the only wy to pass this options from grub to kernel.