First, off I am going to state that I am not a female and never have, now that we have that out of the way to my point.

I am making this post as an offer to anyone that would like to accept. It requires little if you even do, nothing more than a simple conversation. What I am here to offer is just a open friendship. Now I don't mean that I am looking for a girl to date or even anything of the sort.

I just want to get to know someone that has similar interests. I mean I don't know of an females where I live that I can actually have a stimulating conversation with, not at the level that I want to. I am not saying every girl where I live is dumb. Its just they don't know anything about computers. If you live in my area that would be even cooler. That is if you wouldn't mind meeting new friends.

Well that is my offer, a simple friendship to anyone that wants to meet new friends.

P.S.: I live in Vancouver, Washington.

~Zachary Laughlin