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Thread: can you help me making vanbasco work ?

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    can you help me making vanbasco work ?

    hi. i installed wine and vanbasco , the karaoke player (I always wondered why linux has not a decent karaoke player with pitch adjusting and text showing). Anyway, fact is that sound is missing and the program freezes

    this is what I did
    - installed wine and timidity
    - installed vanbasco
    - in winecfg i choose alsa then I choosed oss
    - I started vanbasco with wine "C:\blahblah\vmidi.exe"
    - then I tried pasuspender -s pulseaudio -- wine "C\\blah blah\vmidi.exe"
    but every time the sistem freezes and no sound at all .
    can you hel find a perfect setup?

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    Re: can you help me making vanbasco work ?

    I also work with midi, and vanbasco was my favorite MIDI-Player under Windows, it works also under Vista.

    As there is no KMID in the repos of Ubuntu 8.10 I tried to install vanbasco under wine.

    Everything seemed to be fine, but when playing the track, it freezes.
    The same on my Ubuntu 8.04 Installation, I tried a lot of sound configuration and different "windows".
    Sound works under wine, as QMP works perfectly.
    Wondering whether it's a midi specific problem.

    It seems to be possible to run Vanbasco under ubuntu8.04, (
    So I'm still looking for a solution, as
    KMID also seems to have bugs, the playlists are IMHO not functionable, otherwise you can change instruments, what would be enough for me.)

    I tried rosegarden, which works nicely.
    But there is unfortunately no minimal-Player based on RG, as far as I know.


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    Re: can you help me making vanbasco work ?

    Hurra, fand ich die Lösung:

    im *Karaoke*-Textfenster: rechte Maustaste, Einstellungen.

    dann Tab midi:
    1]Midi auf timidity stellen (statt midi-mapper)
    bei mir waren keine Port-Nr, nur mehrere Timidity-Einträge.
    2]und "general midi" statt windows unter Reset-Modus

    Es soundet!!!

    bin immer noch auf der Suche nach einem guten Midi-karaoke-Player unter Linux.


    Solution from youtube link above
    *from Karakoke text window, kontext (right mouse), settings
    *I put it form midi-mapper to timidity (I had no ports, but several "timidity" entries
    *reset mode: general midi instead of windows

    for the solution above timidity has to be installed.
    (midi may play without timidity via gstreamer plugin)

    Is there another midi-karaoke-player under Linux beside kmid? (which was not in 8.10)
    kmid was not bad, but the playlists didn't seem to work.

    www:// - some ABC notated SATB midi stuff for my chorus
    midi, mp3, pdf sheets are generated on the server.
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