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Thread: iPod - Convert *.mp3 to *.m4b

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    iPod - Convert *.mp3 to *.m4b

    I've several posts on this subject and thought I'd add my 2-cents as I read a lot of audio books using my iPod 5.5G.

    An iPod needs to have the files as *.m4b to recognize them as an audiobook.

    The KDE app, transKode is undoubtedly the best program for converting *.mp3 to *.m4a. It is easy to use and does a great job.

    Simply configure it and save the configuration, i.e., under profile settings leave the default name scheme, set selected profile to m4a - default, encoding type FAAC, encoding switch - q 100, output extension=m4a. There is no need to use m4a-higher quality for spoken word (for music, it would be OK).

    Add the files, right click on them and it will encode them.

    It will put the new converted files in a new directory in your home folder that has the authors name in it. Rename all the file extensions in your folder *.m4b

    That's it!

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    Re: iPod - Convert *.m4b to *.mp3

    I am using Banshee to load music onto my ipod. I have some .m4b files that I'd like to put on as well but Banshee does not allow me to import them. Is there a way to convert them into mp3? or what would be the best way to solve this problem?
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    Re: iPod - Convert *.mp3 to *.m4b

    use gtkpod, it syncs m4b to ipod fine, then shows up in audiobooks.


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