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    sshfs has the advantage over a KIOslave or GnomeVFS that any program can use it. For instance, in Kubuntu Amarok wasn't able to play my remote music through fish:/ but worked fine using sshfs.

    1) Install the software
    sudo apt-get install sshfs

    2) Add fuse to /etc/modules
    sudo nano /etc/modules

    3) Add yourself to the 'fuse' group, then log out and log in again.
    sudo adduser your-username fuse

    4) Create a mountpoint and give yourself ownership
    sudo mkdir /media/mount-name
    sudo chown your-username /media/mount-name

    5) Mount the filesystem
    sshfs remote-system-name:/remote-folder /media/mount-name

    6) Unmount the filesystem
    fusermount -u /media/mount-name

    Directions taken from More info on sshfs is available at

    I've run into a strange problem on two Kubuntu machines where, after using sshfs, you're unable to unlock your own computer. Logging in works fine, but you can't return from a password-protected screensaver. My solution was to start a new session, change my password, then return to the old session and use the new password to unlock it.
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