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Thread: Connected to the net, but F10 doesn't recognize

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    Connected to the net, but F10 doesn't recognize

    Hello there,
    I just installed fedora 10 yesterday. I connect to the net using a USB EVDO card. I followed the following guide to help me get connected

    The end result is that now I'm connected to the net and am able to browse. However I cannot use Add/Remove Software as Fedora thinks I'm not connected to the net. The sign on the right top corner says I'm not. I face similar problems in running pidgin/ empathy. So if I've to install any software, I'm forced to do command line installations, which I'm not very good at.
    Also I was hoping to use empathy for voice chat on google.

    However fedora refuses to accept that I'm connected to the net. What am I supposed to do?

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    Re: Connected to the net, but F10 doesn't recognize

    probably take a look at the fedora forum?

    i don't know as fedora is not ubuntu, sorry
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