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Thread: Jibbed - Where did this come from?!

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    Jibbed - Where did this come from?!

    I happened by Distrowatch today, and saw the following gem:
    Zafer Aydogan has announced the first beta release of Jibbed 5, a NetBSD-based live CD with Xfce: "I'm proud to present you the latest Jibbed 5 beta release composed from the finest NetBSD 5 branch. It features select packages from pkgsrc, as well as auto-configuration for networking and graphics cards. A new feature is the ability to run Memtest86+ from the boot prompt. This version contains the Xfce window manager and uses X.Org (base). It features vnd compression and is only 400 MB in size. The minimum requirement is now an i686 or compatible CPU and 128 MB of RAM. As you might have noticed, I've changed the version numbering - Jibbed will from now on carry the version number from the NetBSD release it has been build from." Visit the project's home page to read the release announcement. Download (MD5): jibbed-5_beta.iso (405MB).

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    Re: Jibbed - Where did this come from?!

    Wow, nice catch! I totally didn't know about that one.

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    Re: Jibbed - Where did this come from?!

    I think I posted about it roughly a month or two ago. It's been out there for a while. Interesting project that I'm hoping catches on.
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