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Thread: gstreamer (playbin) - how to get bitrate?

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    gstreamer (playbin) - how to get bitrate?

    I have a simple application which plays an URI audio stream thru playbin. I need to extract bitrate and I understood that I have to extract "stream-info" property from playbin, something like
    g_object_get (G_OBJECT (pipeline), "stream-info", &aaa, NULL);
    where "aaa" is the pointer to "..GList of stream info objects" (I can't find what it is from
    Can anyone point me to the example on how to do it (read&parse "stream-info") or explain in simple words?
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    Re: gstreamer (playbin) - how to get bitrate?

    Read here-->

    GStreamer makes a clear distinction between two types of metadata, and has support for both types. The first is stream tags, which describe the content of a stream in a non-technical way. Examples include the author of a song, the title of that very same song or the album it is a part of. The other type of metadata is stream-info, which is a somewhat technical description of the properties of a stream. This can include video size, audio samplerate, codecs used and so on. Tags are handled using the GStreamer tagging system. Stream-info can be retrieved from a GstPad.
    So you basically need to find every element in playbin and read the GstPad of the correct element. Keep in mind that "playbin" element is a bin/container of other elements. If you don't know what I am talking about read this guide.
    Maybe there is a simpler solution to your problem, if anyone knows please post(i wanna know too).

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