Tried searching to no avail:

I recently installed xUbuntu on my pc. I installed the fglrx drivers for use and they are currently the ones used inside the xorg.conf file. I tried first without the fglrx drivers, using just the standard ubuntu ones but wine-WoW wouldn't render at all when starting it up. It would just crash out.

After reading some threads, I installed fglrx drivers (latest) by enabling them inside hardware drivers. I am experiencing great gameplay for about 10 mins then the frames gradually slow to 1 fps and I cannot play or do anything at all. I have added the opengl registry tweak for wine and shaders are all the way off. WoW is running in openGL mode as well. I doubt this is a wine error because it is running fine for a few minutes as it should be, at least.

The symptoms are extremely like the memory leak mentioned in the old drivers, yet ati reports that issue was fixed with the latest release drivers and I cannot find a current thread with this problem mentioned as still happening. I was wondering if this issue was indeed fixed, and for those of you that had this mentioned memory leak if the new drivers did indeed clear up the issue.

2.8ghz intel
1.5g ram
ati x700pro 256mb edition (r.410)
Xubuntu Intrepid (fully updated)