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Thread: How do I get Modprobe changes to stay beyond reboot ?

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    How do I get Modprobe changes to stay beyond reboot ?


    Just installed Ubuntu 8.10 desktop version. I have a AverMedia AVerTV Hybrid + FM PCI (saa7134 chip) installed and used this tutorial - translated from Spanish no less - to make it work. It works perfectly, except "the settings" are forgotten after I reboot.

    The essential commands were :

    sudo rmmod saa7134_alsa saa7134-dvb saa7134

    sudo modprobe saa7134 card=99
    sudo modprobe saa7134_alsa
    sudo modprobe saa7134-dvb

    Now, my problem is, after re-boot, the modprobe stuff is all forgotten and the card is no longer recognised by ubuntu.

    The turorial says to do this :

    sudo gedit / etc / modules

    and add these lines

    saa7134 card=99

    ... but it doesnt work ... I edited the /etc/modules file and added the lines, yet when I reboot the card is "gone" and I have to do the modprobe stuff to see get ubuntu to see the card

    So ... how do I make the modprobe changes "stick" ??

    Any help for a linux newbie is greatly appreciated.
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