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Thread: Windows open on wrong monitor Ubuntu 8.10

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    Windows open on wrong monitor Ubuntu 8.10


    I am new to Ubuntu, about 6mo into it, and recently upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10. I have a dual monitor situation with an LCD as my first and a CRT TV as the second monitor on a separate X Session (not twinview). I am using proprietary nVidia drivers (I have tried 96, 173 and 177 with the same results, 177 is installed) for my two 7600GT cards in SLI mode and in the Gnome desktop. I had the same configuration in 8.04 as I do in 8.10 but after the upgrade I can't seem to keep windows that I open on the TV on the TV. For example when I have my mouse on the TV and open "Places" then "Home Folder" from my launcher menu the window will actually open on my LCD monitor. I have created an empty folder on the desktop on my TV and that will actually open on the TV but if I double click an .avi file it then opens on my LCD. When I installed 8.04 I don't remember having to define anything differently, it just naturally opened any window I wanted open on the monitor which I accessed it from. I have not yet seen anything I open on the LCD pop open on the TV, just from the TV to the LCD. Can anyone point me in the direction of how to solve this or even what software package I need to be looking at to configure this behavior? Is this a setting in my xorg? Maybe a Gnome setting? I have attached my Xorg file just in case it's in there and someone is kind enough to help me find it. If there is any other file or version you are curious about just let me know and I'll get that up here too.

    Thanks everyone.
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