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I'm in pretty much the same boat as mekgp: though I'm just east of Dodge, my 6 nights-a-week work schedule makes me a no go for anything farther away than Great Bend or Pratt.

The biggest problem I've come across is inertia. People around me tend to see - and use - computers as tools. To use one guys analogy, "You're showing me a socket set, when all I'll ever need is a wrench"; even pointing to the lower cost of ownership going forward I haven't been able to make a strong enough case to get the local farmers attention. I know it goes back to Bug #1, but has anybody else had any luck in converting this pragmatic population base?

(Unfortunately, my expertise lies far outside of the BugJam realm; a lowly troubleshooter and not a programmer am I )
I feel ya dude, on both parts. I never have created a bug myself, don't really know why. But I guess now is as good a time as any to learn.

As far as Bug #1 I just don't know. But I'll say this: a lot of more important, smart, and wealthy people are working on this. I really don't harbor any delusions that we in the Kansas LoCo could convert the state. But we can do a little to help, and if nothing more, give people that use Linux here somewhere to start helping. After all, a community member is worth more than $50 by PayPal.