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Thread: mp3 players and ubuntu

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    mp3 players and ubuntu

    I'm wanting to get a MP3 player. All that I have I have looked at you have to a windows to get them to work. What mp3 player on the market will work on our system? Any help would be great.

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    Re: mp3 players and ubuntu

    Most iPods will work with Ubuntu through gtkpod (although I would urge you to buy from a company that's not as anti-free-software as Apple).

    The majority of non-Apple devices should also work, even if they only mention Windows support on their boxes. I believe that Microsoft's Zune does *not* work, however.

    This thread also has some suggestions too.

    In general, before you buy, just google the name of the player you're considering + ubuntu, and you should be able to find information on other users' experiences with it.

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    Re: mp3 players and ubuntu

    Hi all. Kind of a return forum/Ubuntu user here. I know the little Phillips 4Gig mp3 player works with Linux. It's treated like a USB storage device. I think as long as the file system is compatible with Linux it should work. The Phillips uses FAT, at least on this smaller one. I'm not sure if all non-Apple/Zune players use FAT for larger ones, but this one does. Hope this helps some.

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    Re: mp3 players and ubuntu

    I like Cowon's products ( - they show up to the OS just as a USB mass storage device, and support the Ogg Vorbis and FLAC media formats.


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