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Thread: rPi2 -> rPi3

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    rPi2 -> rPi3


    I've been running Mythbuntu on an rPi2 for some time now. Mostly it's good, but there's one big problem. Watching TV (or even a recording) whilst another recording is in progress will screw up that recording (it glitches every couple of seconds during playback).

    I purchased an rPi3 hoping that it might improve perf and thereby rectify the problem above. However, moving my SD card from rPi2 to rPi3 just results in a colorful image on boot (and another smaller colorful image in the top-right corner). I understand this might have something to do with drivers and such, but am unsure how to rectify. I've done a full `apt-get upgrade` and `apt-get dist-upgrade`, but that hasn't helped.

    Can anyone tell me:

    1. How to migrate from rPi2 image to rPi3 compatible image?
    2. Might this actually fix my problem?


    EDIT: I just realized I probably installed mythbackend manually into Ubuntu rather than Mythbuntu itself (which I don't think supports rPi).
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    Re: rPi2 -> rPi3

    You may need to update the firmware for your Raspberry Pi.

    sudo rpi-update
    Try that and see if it boots in the Raspberry Pi 3.

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