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Thread: So confused with GRASS

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    So confused with GRASS

    I'm really not getting it at all. Do I need to get the maps to use from somewhere or are there maps built into this program. If I do need to get them from somewhere, where to I get them. I have the program open but can't get to anything. Someone just get me pointed in the right direction. Even the grass website looks like giberish to me.

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    Re: So confused with GRASS

    If you are new in the GIS topic and you want to strt using GRASS, I suggest you to start with the document "Grass in a Nusthell":

    Grass does not include any maps, because the maps depends on the location where you want to solve a particular problem. So, when you start working in a specific problem, you will have to ask for the maps to someone else, depending on your needs, but there are several resources on the web.

    If you want to start working with grass just for learning, you can download the Spearfish sample dataset from this page:

    which also contains information that can be useful for you.

    I hope this can point you in the direction that you want.
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