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Thread: Accessing/Mounting EXT3 in Windows 7 Beta?

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    Re: Accessing/Mounting EXT3 in Windows 7 Beta?

    I'm thinking about just converting the ext3 partition (which has my /home) into an NTFS partition and letting Linux use the "foreign" file system.

    Anyone have success doing that? Can you do this conversion without reinstalling Ubuntu?

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    Re: Accessing/Mounting EXT3 in Windows 7 Beta?

    i have used an ntfs partiton for storing my media files before, but often times ubuntu would freeze up when trying to play the files

    i dont think linux gets along with ntfs very well

    i could move files back and forth onto the ntfs partition just fine, but if i tried to actually play the files directly from the ntfs partiton it would freeze after about 5 minutes

    this leads me to belive that ntfs in linux is not a great idea

    i dont know if this is a common issue or not, only that it is an issue that i experienced

    if you do decide to try the conversion, please post back on weather it worked of not

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    Re: Accessing/Mounting EXT3 in Windows 7 Beta?

    Quote Originally Posted by withfries2 View Post
    I'm seeing the same issue:
    • Partition of disk into NTFS, EXT3 and swap partitions using Gparted Live
    • Clean install of Windows 7 Build (32-bit) with Ext2 Installable File System for Windows installed in Windows Vista compatibility mode (into NTFS partition)
    • Clean install of Ubuntu 8.10 (into ext3 partition)
    • The EXT3 partition shows up just fine in the IFS Control Panel
    • When I try to access it, Windows prompts me to format the disk before I use it
    The problem is that IFS doesn't like the 256 inode size that Intrepid formats with. There's a couple solutions out there; I caught the problem before I had a lot of stuff on the partition so I was able simply to reformat using a Hardy cd (which formats with a 128 inode size) and then install Intrepid on the partitions created by the Hardy cd. Looks like there is another solution out there, though. Here are the relevant threads:

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    Re: Accessing/Mounting EXT3 in Windows 7 Beta?

    i am having the same exact problem. except that i have almost 750 gigs on my tb that i would like windows 7 to access

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