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    Re: Easy Ubuntu Clustering

    Quote Originally Posted by ajt View Post
    Hello, djamu.

    Not sure why you think it's a bad idea to use Ubuntu?

    The Kerrighed kernel is based on the 'vanilla' kernel sources, so it doesn't make much difference if you compile it under Debian or Ubuntu.
    True, aside from the upstream implementations on ubuntu that might not work on a downgraded kernel... can't think of any right now but I had my share of those before switching my servers back to debian ( hopeless outdated IDS packages for example, ).
    Also a base debian install installs much less "bloat" then ubuntu server does.
    For example > there's a new service in intrepid (forgot the name) , that let's you sign up for server monitoring...
    Now I understand the need for Canonical to generate income.. but not letting me choose whether I want to install it is of a complete different magnitude... ( I try avoid using windows for the very same reason )....

    In a server environment this is of less importance as the performance penalty is negligible...
    But for tuned HPC cluster kernels ( to reduce interrupt jitter > whether NUMA / SMP ) every unnecessary service interrupt is 1 to many ...
    So if I have the option to install a really minimal system (netinstall) or I have to search thru a stock Ubuntu server install to manually delete all unnecessary "helpful" services ... the choice should be obvious, at least common sense dictates the obvious

    but Sarge and Etch were crude on the Desktop compared to Ubuntu 6.06...
    That's a long time ago, they still don't install sudo in the base install

    Another point in me using debian is that a lot more packages (not desktop related) are available and rigorously tested > the very reason of it's slow cycle...
    ( A good example is the fail2ban package, stable on debian, typo bug in the 8.04-LTS, preventing it from restart on boot ... submitted to launchpad with fix...., intrepid has proper version ) > BTW as a matter of fact, this kind of package regression is by LTS policy forbidden. The tight release cycle prevents thorough testing...

    But let's not get into any kind of flaming, IMO I really think ubuntu is a great desktop distro..., just my personal opinion..

    openSSI looks very interesting but, despite several attempts, I've now abandoned any thought of using it. We must be careful not to accuse anyone of using the 'MOSIX' source, because that's proprietary! I guess you are talking about the GPL version when openMosix was forked
    Oops sorry my bad.. yes I did mean OpenMosix...

    As for OpenSSI, I do think it's dead for 2 reasons.
    1. Kerrighed uses a a substantial part of it's source > making OpenSSI practically obsolete
    2. The XtreemOS project, which has (about) the same goal as OpenSSI ( where kerrighed is going to be part of )

    It's now unlikely the openMosix will continue (but I'm watching development of PMI:
    isn't PMI a rebranded OpenMOSIX ?

    I agree that the openSSI project seems inactive (but don't dismiss it, because it has a lot of good points too). That leaves Kerrighed, which is still an active EU FP6 (Framework 6) funded project until 2010.
    True, but since OpenSSI lacks the funding of the XtreemOS consortium ... chances are little it will emerge again..

    System Architecture Overview:

    Why does venture capital mean something has to be proprietary?
    It doesn't, it's just easier then providing just a service...
    And I wouldn't if a couple of kernel devs chip in..

    Canonical have invested a lot in Ubuntu... & Mark Shuttleworth flew in space

    On a more serious note.
    Tony (AJT) you seem like a knowledgeable guy, I'd like to discuss in depth a couple of things ( compare my trunk compile kernel configs with yours / discuss different types of distributed FS's / tuning & jitter etc ... ) ..
    But I'm a little afraid the title of the thread is not well chosen > I'll elaborate .. quite a lot of people reading this have will have a hard time grasping the type of cluster were discussing. To me it's obvious were talking (headless) HPC clustering...
    In other words this thread is prone to pollution as soon as people start suggesting for example RHEL or SAN failover mechanisms as an alternative...

    It's getting really late now, let's see where this is going..

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