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Thread: Live Box From Broadcom Wireless Card

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    Live Box From Broadcom Wireless Card

    Hi All

    I am really struggling with this issue. I have searched the forum but can't find my solution.

    I have a livebox from Wanadoo/Orange an I have installed Ubuntu on my PC no problems. The Livebox works. It is connected via Ethernet to the PC.

    The issue is my second PC which connects? wirelessly. I upgrade to 8.10 as Hardy Heron didn't work.

    So nothing seems to work for me on getting the connection to work. When I go to the network manager there are no networks under Wireless, so I choose add.... And put in the WANADOO-**** name and the WEP Key but after I hit the OK button nothing happens.

    What should I do. I have a Broadcom BCM4318 wireless card, which shows up in the terminal


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    Re: Live Box From Broadcom Wireless Card


    Is it really bizarre that an OS the heavily relies on internet connection to work! Needs to be connected to the internet in order to get the internet connection to work.

    I hot wired the PC to the router with 100ft of ethernet and presto the internet worked, I updated the OS (Which I had downloaded that day from Ubuntu) and abracadabra the wireless card appeared.

    So now I can use this excellent OS on my second PC but I find it a bit odd the lack of support for all methods of connection to the internet on OS so heavily reliant on internet to work, surely Ubuntu should forsake all gadgetry in favour of Hardware Support and then once on-line let us get the gadgets?

    Any way I hope this helps others.



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