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Thread: x86 or x64? Graphics problems

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    Question x86 or x64? Graphics problems

    I have been using ubuntu for a bit now and I just reinstalled today to get a clean install after many unneeded installs when I was first learning. I had been using the x64 version, because I have an AMD x64 processor. But today I installed the x86 version bcause I herd the x64 version had some short commings still (no idea how valid that is now after 8.10). The origional version I had instlled was 8.04 x64 and it worked fine on my laptop, but I am having major problems with my graphics card/drivers (nvidia 6150).
    First I couldn't get my graphics drivers to install at all, but I found something called evin that fixed it. Then I restarted and it told me that I should shitch to version 177 so I did. My card is online now, but I keep getting flickers, and some of the windows are not displaying correctly when not the active window, (taskbar blanking out, windows going blank and showing the objects behind them).
    I was wondering if switching back to the x64 version might fix this (to my understanding I have a processor/RAM intergrated graphics card), but I know I had none of these problems with the x64 version.
    If you have a sugestion on how to fix this, or and reason why the x64 worked but the x86 doesn't, I can use some help solving this.

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    Re: x86 or x64? Graphics problems

    problem is easily fixed. install nvidia drivers manually.

    download them at the nvidia website

    than disable the drivers you're using now ( you DONT want to be using restricted drivers)

    than quit out of gdm (if you're using gnome)

    sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop

    than run the file you downloaded for the drivers.

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