Recently, I've seen an increase in users trying to "self-moderate" each other, or by posting messages like "can a mod move this to forum X?"

Self-moderating leads to unnecessary arguments breaking out, while messages like the latter clutter and distract from the discussion.

Even though as moderators, we try to read every single post that's posted, it's extremely difficult to keep up with reading the 50,000+ posts that are on this board.

If you haven't noticed, every post has a "Report Bad Post" button: . This button instantly sends out e-mail notification to all mods, plus we can look at all reported posts at-a-glance. Use it whenever you need moderator action.

Don't worry about using the button too much -- we don't bite . Even if it's just a "Do you think this goes in this forum?", or a "Is this post a bit offensive?" question, we'd like to know.

Ubuntu Forums Team.