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Thread: midi and sibelius/wine

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    midi and sibelius/wine

    I have Sibelius 4 happily installed on ubuntu using Wine

    Its playing back .sib files created in sibelius2 perfectly (midi I mean)

    when I create a new score I have no midi playback either in edit or playback ?.... any idea where I am going wrong anyone ?

    Its been a struggle to get it up and running... I really don't want to fall at the last hurdle.

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    Re: midi and sibelius/wine

    OK..... partly solved.....

    I was scoring for brass....

    None of the brass parts seem to have a midi instrument assigned through Tmidi ?

    as I added a piano to the score... the piano was picked up straight away !

    Odd that sibelius 2 files with brass play back perfectly though ?

    so.... my problem seems to be that the link wetween sibelius writing a trumpet part for example and tmidi having that instrument availble ????

    something like that I guess... what what tmidi thinks is a tuba is not what sibelius is asking for I guess ?


    Im a bit lost

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    Re: midi and sibelius/wine

    Hmm... after a reboot sibelius is not playing any midi under wine.

    I booted into xp.... started a tune in Sibelius 2 assuming it would load and play in sibelius 4 under wine....but no midi at all in S4 ?

    I think tmidi is started and stuff ?

    or is it ?

    whats going on.... geting myself very confuzed ..



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