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Thread: New install graphics driver help!

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    New install graphics driver help!

    Hi All!

    First off, I'm new to ubuntu! I just tried the desktop version and can get it to boot in safe mode, I cant get it to boot from the installed version. It seems to be a video driver problem.

    OK, questions:
    1. How do I identify my video card? I think it's an onboard ATI

    2. How do I get the system to boot in safe mode from the install, so I can make the required changes?

    3. How do I install an ATI driver?

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    Re: New install graphics driver help!

    First, there is no safe mode in Ubuntu, so I'm going to assume you are running in low grphics mode. If your video card is detected properly. Go to System-->Administration-->Hardware Drivers, click on hardware drivers and a windows should pop up with what drivers are available, click on the recommended driver, then click the enable button.


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    Re: New install graphics driver help!

    No, my vid card is not being detected. Thats probably the whole problem right there!

    How do I get my vid card to show up?


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