Hello everyone!

Skype problem, sort of. perhaps more of a hardware problem?

I am using Intrepid Ibex.

I have been reading various threads, like this one


and in doing so, got the sound to work on skype by changing the settings in skype. I didn't use the sudo apt-get remove pulse or any of that business.

The problem is that sound is coming through the external speakers and not through the headset.

When I am in skype, and I do a "make a test sound" and I press the volume control on the head set, a screen pops up that shows the audio level going up and down. Said another way, I can control the sound on the external speakers with my USB skype headset, though I can't get any sound to go through the headset.

Any ideas on how I can make the head set work--and by work I mean sound goes in and out of the head set when in skype, and when not in skype, sound comes out of the external speakers.)

Perhaps I am not mounting the USB headset correctly? I just plug them in when I want to make a call and yank them out when I'm done.

As always, any help would be greatly appreciated!


Pierre Russell Straddler