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Thread: Dual Boot openSUSE and Ubuntu with same /home

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    Dual Boot openSUSE and Ubuntu with same /home

    So since I don't see my mouse issue becoming resolved (see signature) I decided I want to try another linux distro. I figured I'd try openSUSE, since the liveCD didn't show the mouse problem I'm having.

    Currently I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 x64, and have two partitons, one for / and one for /home. How complicated is it to have a third for openSUSE and for openSUSE to share the same /home I already have?

    Also while I'm currently running GNOME, I may try the KDE version of openSUSE, does that add any more complexity to what I want to accomplish?
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    Re: Dual Boot openSUSE and Ubuntu with same /home

    I wouldn't try it. If one distro has a different version of an application, it will cause problems because the apps configuration file is kept in your home folder, not to mention the different ways that Ubuntu and Opensuse configure the OS. Even if you made the user name and passwords the same for both installs, you will wind up with permission problems.

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